When are leaves picked up?
The City of Monmouth’s Public Works Department, from October 1 through December 31, provides leaf pick up service to the residents of Monmouth. The Public Works department will mail all residents a brochure with a leaf pick up schedule,  each year prior to October 1.  Please watch your mailbox for it!

Please pile your leaves in the street, leaving a minimum of one foot between the curb and the leaf pile. This allows storm water run off to flow along the curb and dump into a storm water catch basin. Parking vehicles too close to leaf piles will prevent our crews from being able to pick them up. The Department will not pick up grass trimmings, limbs, pruning, or other yard debris.

The dumping of leaves, or any other yard debris, from January 1st through September 30th is a violation of Ordinance 44.415 and could result in a citation. Thank you for your cooperation, this allows us to continue to provide this valuable service to the residents of Monmouth.

See the Public Works page for more in depth information.
Public Works