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Monmouth Power and Light Smart Thermostat Rebate
Posted on Thursday February 07, 2019
MPL is offering a Smart Thermostat rebate of up to $125 or 75% of cost. Smart thermostat models must be on the BPA Qualified List to qualify. Click here to

Heating and cooling consumes the greatest amount of energy in a household. Smart Thermostats provide an affordable and easy way for homeowners to control the use of their heating and cooling system and lower the costs of their electric bills using features such as:

  • Occupancy sensors that can tell if a person has been away to conserve energy, when they are not at home.
    Learning algorithms that avoid the need to program a set schedule
  • Ability for homeowners to control the heating and cooling system remotely through their wireless apps on their phones or tablets (especially        valuable for homeowners with second homes)
  • Feedback notifications on the energy-saving potential of your thermostat set point and other efficient settings
  • Ability to monitor previous electric usage data, and having smarter control of your heating and cooling system when it’s not needed at full capacity

Monmouth Power and Light is currently offering a Smart Thermostat rebate of up to $125 or 75% of cost.
All thermostats must be replaced in the home to qualify.
Smart Thermostat Rebate Application  
Smart Thermostats that qualify for a rebate: click here.
Must send legible copy of purchase receipt(s) showing model number, purchase date and cost in with application.
Call MPL at (503) 838-3526 if you have any additional questions. 
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