About Us
The City of Monmouth Power & Light is one of 13 electric utilities
in the State of Oregon owned by municipal corporations.
MPL Group Picture 


We were formed by Monmouth citizens in 1940. As a department of the City of Monmouth, Monmouth Power & Light is governed by the elected 6 member Monmouth City Council and is managed and operated by the eight Monmouth Power & Light employees. MPL’s assets are publicly owned.

Electric Utility

Monmouth Power & Light provides electricity to approximately 4,475 customers in the city of Monmouth, a few customers in the City of Independence, and a few more customers in the surrounding area. MPL is a full-service customer of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) meaning we contract/purchase all of our electrical energy from BPA. BPA is a federal agency created to market and transmit power generated by the Federal Columbia River hydro-power system.  As a federal agency, BPA sells power to its customers at the cost of generation and transmission. In
turn, Monmouth Power & Light provides electricity to our customers at the cost of purchase and delivery. As residents of the Pacific Northwest we benefit from the least expensive electric energy in the US. Hydroelectric power is predominantly carbon free and among the “cleanest” power available today.

MPL Statistics

Monmouth substations: 2
Distribution primary voltage: 7200/12,470 volts
Miles of Distribution line: 55
Customers per mile of distribution line: 75
Transmission voltage: 115,000 volts
Customers per mile of transmission line: 1885
Megawatt hours purchased: approximately 72,731MWh
Revenue Generated from power sales in 2015: $5,600,690