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Power & Light

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Rate Schedule
RESIDENTIAL Deposit Service Charge Basic Charge Per Kwh Late Fee Disconnect for Non-Payment Fee

Electric Rates
(Resolution 1801)

$160.00 $15.00 $10.31 $0.0731    $15.00 $85.00 Standard
$250 Non-Standard

For commercial rates and more in-depth information, please see:

To Report a Power Outage - Please call us at (503) 838-3526 at anytime.

Energy Efficiency 
Click here to find tips on how to save money and energy within your home according to US Dept of Energy. 

Building a new house?

Fill out an New Load Questionnaire and add it to your building permit application packet. 

Building a commercial building?

Fill out an New Load Questionnaire and add it to your building permit application packet.

Street Banner Application 

Interested in having a banner hung across Main Street for your next event free of charge? Banners will get hung on Main Street at the Warren Street intersection in Monmouth (in front of City Hall). If you have any questions please contact us at 503.838.3526.  

Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

We offer cash incentives for many weatherization and conservation measures. Call 503.838.3526 to get pre-approval on all measures! Learn more.

Power Friendly Trees

Download a list of City Approved Trees or Power Friendly Trees that you may plant under or near power lines.

Power Portfolio/Green Energy

Ever wonder where the energy that powers your home comes from? Over 95% of our power (or more depending on the year) is emission free and is generated through the Bonneville Power Administration. Our primary source of power generation comes from river dams all across the Pacific NW.


Click here for more info

Call before you dig

Visit Dig Safely Oregon to submit a locate before beginning any excavation, this prevents damage to underground facilities, service interruptions, and bodily injury. 

NESC Inspection

Cyclic annual inspections are conducted on Monmouth Power and Light's electrical system as required by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).  Learn more
Power & Light

780 Ecols Street S
Monmouth OR 97361

Phone: 503.838.3526


Report an Outage: 503.838.3526


Customer Service

Chuck Thurman

City of Monmouth
151 Main Street W
Monmouth, OR 97361
Phone: 503.838.0722
Fax: 503.838.0725
City of Monmouth
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